Melling Canine Co-Coach

I’m a sweet-natured black Labrador, born in VA on August 11th, 2017. I am shiny black from nose to the tip of my wagging tail, and have large, floppy, very velvety ears.
I believe in being exceptionally friendly with all, and have the gift of empathy. My role is to share my joy of life, and present-moment awareness with all who walk with me.
I’m accomplished at walking both off-leash and on loose-leash, am excellent at“recall”, and I’m eager to “sit” on command. I have deep experience of car travel (I accompanied Angie when she drove us across the US).
My favorite places to sleep are beside Angie or on my very comfy dog-bed. My favorite pastimes are walking in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, and retrieving…after all, I am a Labrador Retriever!