Onwards Outdoors is a unique form of coaching

Unique because we blend the transformational power of coaching using NLP techniques, with the joy of walking in the great outdoors, in the mood-boosting company of a Labrador

Coaching packages that combine one-on-one coaching with walking in the great outdoors, accompanied by a canine co-coach.

This unique coaching experience can help you develop present-moment awareness, learn effective techniques for changing limiting beliefs and behaviors, and develop a personal toolkit for dealing with your own challenges.

We believe that it’s important to get outdoors and get active, so that’s exactly what we do.

We believe  in the psychological benefits of dogs so you get two coaches for the price of one: ICF coach Angie Riley plus her canine co-coach, Melling the black Labrador.

We also know that coaching can bring deep and lasting change, and that NLP techniques can be extremely helpful in in creating positive change.

We believe this because scientific studies have shown the positive effects of walking for our health, dogs to calm our minds and lift our mood, and on the powerful outcomes of coaching to give you tools to change unhelpful thought patterns, and the confidence to create more positive and beneficial behaviors.

What’s the Onwards Outdoors experience?

Onwards Outdoors coaching sessions combine one-on-one coaching with walking in the great outdoors in the company of Melling the canine co-coach. The experience is tailored to your needs.

We walk together on stunning trails in the Sierra Nevada foothills, away from the regular demands of life, technology and non-stop communication.

Your Coach works with you on a one-to-one basis to help you discover game-changing clarity and create positive change in your life. Coaching sessions may include NLP techniques and a comfortable process to:

– Clarify your needs, values, passions and goals

– Sort through “mental clutter” such as limiting beliefs and negative self-talk​

–  Identify your strengths and how to use them  for success

– Tackle any barriers that may be draining your time and/or energy

– Create a doable action plan