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Life Coaching

Gain clarity, make better decisions faster and tackle new challenges with the help of a Coach. Expect deep listening, thought-provoking questions, creative brainstorming, a partnering process, and the confidence to be your best self.


Think more clearly, change your perspective, and feel calmer by taking a walk in the woods. Walking and talking work hand-in-hand to help you talk more easily, gain clarity,, and forge onwards.

With a Labrador

Walking with a dog can lower your blood pressure and help you quickly feel calmer and less stressed. Melling, your canine co-coach, will walk along with you, and will delight in sharing his joy of life with you.

Trusted By

Angie is warm and easy to talk to, there is an immediate atmosphere of trust when working with her. I was feeling stuck and unsure of where to go next, but Angie helped me move through layers of confusion to rediscover my purpose and rebuild the confidence to pursue my dream. She provides exercises that make your goals feel achievable, and I use these exercises daily. I highly recommend Angie to anyone who is seeking an objective, intuitive, and intelligent coach.

Ashley C.

Ashley C.

Grant Writer, Storyteller, Communications Consultant

My time with Angie has been truly transformative. She’s helped me build the foundation I need to pursue the career I want. I’ve made significant progress by working with Angie to build strategies around goal achievement, define strong personal and career values, develop skills to manage difficult workplace interactions, and to gain clarity around major career change. In our time together I’ve had more ‘aha’ moments than ever before. Angie is an expert in this work and I’m deeply grateful for our partnership.

Emily V.

Emily V.

Donor Services Manager, nonprofit

“I have a big-hairy-audacious-goal I’m working towards and I wouldn’t have been able to define it, visualize it and start to do it without Angie’s coaching. She’s helped me become crystal clear and fearlessly focused on what I want to do, and how I’m going to do it. It’s fun, amazing, and inspirational to work with Angie as my coach!”

James T.

James T.

Sales Associate & Educator, Agriculture

“Angie’s helped me get clear about what I want, and strategic about my priorities. She listens closely to my big ideas and helps me distill them into digestible, actionable chunks so that I have a clear roadmap to achieve my vision. And she brings unique insights into our sessions that have helped me turn over stones I never would have turned over. Highly recommended “

Ellen B.

Ellen B.

Business Owner, Wellness & Yoga

“Angie is a superb professional coach, leveraging a host of tools uniquely deployed for my professional objectives. I was looking for new thinking and alignment of professional goals and Angie was truly instrumental, in many cases helping me answer my own questions. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Angie.”

Jeffrey B.

Jeffrey B.

Director, Banking & Financial Services Sector

“Working with Angie at Onwards Coaching has been nothing short of transformational. She’s provided practical tools and support to help me navigate a challenging period in my life; empowered me to establish a healthy routine, and enabled me to define my future goals in line with my values and priorities. I’m astounded at how much I’ve moved forward in the time we’ve been working together and I’d highly recommend Onwards to anyone looking to make positive change in their life.”

Anna W.

Anna W.

Public Relations executive

Angie is great at listening deeply, assessing the situation, then nudging you towards clarity and to formulating an action plan. She is not afraid to get to the point, nor in asking searching questions to ensure that you remain true to your values and goals. With Angie’s assistance, I’ve shifted from feeling truly stuck to seeing ways forward, with her keeping me accountable to taking action. Highly recommended.

Charlotte F.

Charlotte F.


100's of Miles of Trails

4 Full Seasons

1 Black Labrador

Who’s It For?

Onwards Outdoors is for when you want to discover
game-changing clarity and facilitate positive change in your life:



Many of us struggle with some “mental fog” from time to time. A life-coach can help us gain clarity on our values, priorities and goals, and how we might best achieve them.


Reduce stress and anxiety

Our jobs and life in general can sometimes cause stress and anxiety. Taking a walk with a dog has been shown to lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol.


CHANGE self-limiting beliefs

The stories we tell ourselves can lead to self-limiting behaviors. NLP coaching can help us create new, more self-affirming beliefs and behaviors.


Improve mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness has been shown to increase feelings of calmness and relaxation. Walking with a dog as part of a coaching session helps us get the hang of it.


Develop a toolkit for life

Life sometimes bring lots of “stuff” for us to deal with. NLP coaching can help us reframe beliefs and develop a “toolkit” to help us deal with life’s challenges.


build and maintain motivation

Staying motivated to work on our goals can be a challenge. NLP coaching brings effective tools and techniques to help us stay motivated over time.


Increase healthy behaviors

Most of us want to increase our healthy behaviors, but we can be good at making excuses. Coaching can help us take action on our healthy goals.


Reach your fullest potential

Everybody is full of extraordinary potential, but sometimes it can be tough to reach it. The purpose of coaching is to help us reach our fullest potential.

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This is us

Angie Riley

NLP Coach, ICF Certified

I’m passionate about coaching and focus on helping you find your best self in order to face your challenges, realize your dreams, and charge onwards with your life. I listen without judgement.


Canine Co-Coach, AKC Pedigree

I’m a sweet-natured black Labrador, born in Fredricksburg VA on August 11th, 2017. I am shiny black from nose to the tip of my wagging tail, and have large, floppy, very velvety ears.

Sierra Nevada foothills

Awe inspiring location

The third part of us is the stunningly beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills region of northern CA – a magical area where you can experience the four seasons, and feel truly connected to nature.

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